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Case Bound Books

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Case Binding is the king of all binding, a real premium product that can show off your products really well. It’s the sort of brochure that doesn’t get thrown away, a brochure people will want to share with friends. Because of this, these premium brochures can get a lot more exposure than a traditional perfect bound brochure.

A case bound book is made up of several components that you need to consider.

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The text is printed in the same way you would a thread sewn brochure. These sections (or signatures) are folded, collated together and then sewn.

The cover (or case) is produced by wrapping the outer material (printed sheets, cloth, leather etc) over a thick board. Certain materials will work better than others so it’s always best to take advice if you are not sure. You can create a luxurious feel by using a foil emboss to the cover.

The end papers work as 4pp sections that line the inside of the case and glue to the first and last page of text close to the spine. Again, certain materials will adhere better than others so always best to check if you have a specific material in mind. These can be printed or plain depending on the design.

You can then add other items which are more for decorative use such as head and tail bands and a bookmark ribbon before the text is then glued to the covers and end papers.

As a finishing touch to the brochure, you could always consider a dust jacket to enhance the overall appeal of the brochure.


Coffee Table Case Bound Brochure

Luxury Case Bound Book with head and tail bands and book mark ribbon