Evasive Varnish

Date Posted

As part of our unique and innovative coatings, Evasive Varnishing the the latest technique available.

Using our 6 colour B1 press with in line coating unit at the same time as printing, Evasive Varnishing creates a Spot UV like effect by using specially formulated Matt and Gloss Varnishes.

Not only is this a more cost effective way to enhance certain areas of your print, it also reduces the lead time involved.

You can varnish very fine detail with incredible accuracy, unlike a Spot UV varnish. You are also able to create tints and vignettes if required.

Evasive Varnish is just one of the specialist coatings available at Central Colour, to get a copy of our new coating guide then please get in touch – martin.e@centralcolour.co.uk