Getting excited by the postman

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I saw this picture on LinkedIn the other day and in really rang true for me.

I remember getting my first email account set up, it was so exciting to receive an email, even if it was ‘how to get the best from hotmail!’. After a while you got used to these little messages and it became a productive way to work. It was time efficient, easy to use and instant.

Then I got a smart phone. I thought how this would make my life easier. No matter where I was I could read my emails and respond straight away. I could action items, respond to customer queries and liaise with production when I was not at my desk. Everything was going to be so much better!

Then things changed. I was getting more and more emails, mostly irrelevant. I would be copied in to conversations that i didn’t need to be and I would end up spending so much time sifting through hundreds of emails to find half a dozen messages that were of any importance. And don’t get me started on what I had to do after a fortnights holiday, I’m sure I’m not alone!!

Some of this is my fault. I subscribe to newsletters etc as I am interested in what someone has to say. I even leave some of these marked unread with the naive thinking that I will get time later to read it. I very rarely do. Most of the time they sit there for a few days or weeks and then I delete them. I get so much land in my inbox it can a full time job keeping on top of things.

This is where getting something in the post gets noticed. Especially if its a little bit different, engaging or just makes you want to pick it up and touch it.

Don’t get me wrong. When I get home at night I still have the same boring mailers wanting me to take out an amazing broadband deal or how I can save hundreds of pounds on my car insurance. Most of these I don’t open and just shred them. Same way I delete the emails from these people with the same message.

What will get me interested is something that makes me think.

Being a print geek, I recently received a great mailer from Visit Wales. It was a simple enough 8pp A5 sealed mailer but when I opened it there was a pop up scene picture of two people looking through binoculars.

It wasn’t revolutionary but it caught my attention, I kept it (and still have it) and I have shown other people. I am now writing about it here.

Now I guess it would have cost a little more than just a straight forward mailer but it stuck in my mind and it has had more exposure to more people than just the intended recipient.

Whatever your message, don’t fall into the trap of just getting deleted or binned. Make sure you stand out and get people talking about what you have sent them. Make them want to keep it, even for a little while.

I am seeing more and more campaigns going to less people but using the budget to create something special. By making sure your data is as targeted as possible, you can produce something of a much higher caliber for the same money as mass producing a throw away item.

Try experimenting with different finishes or coatings, look at some simple engineering that makes people want to explore the piece. Look at some bespoke packaging or even using an interesting envelope will make a difference.

If you do still need to mail a lot of addresses then we have various solutions to get your postage cost right down too, just ask for more info.