One Man’s Ceiling Is Another Man’s Floor…..

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The first stage of our forthcoming expansion plans has risen from the ground… literally! Work started on Thursday 11th December to construct additional floor space to increase storage and hand finishing capacity. This huge expanse covers almost a third of... Read More

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You need it when??

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It was just another Wednesday morning when we received the call to offer us a challenge. At Central Colour, we love a challenge so jumped to it straight away. The enquiry came across at 11.30am for 200,000 leaflets over 7... Read More

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Getting excited by the postman

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I saw this picture on LinkedIn the other day and in really rang true for me. I remember getting my first email account set up, it was so exciting to receive an email, even if it was ‘how to get... Read More

Luxury Coffee table Brochure

Case Bound Books

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Case Binding is the king of all binding, a real premium product that can show off your products really well. It’s the sort of brochure that doesn’t get thrown away, a brochure people will want to share with friends. Because... Read More


Evasive Varnish

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As part of our unique and innovative coatings, Evasive Varnishing the the latest technique available. Using our 6 colour B1 press with in line coating unit at the same time as printing, Evasive Varnishing creates a Spot UV like effect... Read More

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Central Packaging

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We have recently launched Central Packaging, a place to showcase all the amazing packaging work we do. Take a look at our initial website – www.centralpackaging.co.uk to see some examples of our recent work we have produced. We are currently... Read More