You need it when??

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It was just another Wednesday morning when we received the call to offer us a challenge. At Central Colour, we love a challenge so jumped to it straight away.

The enquiry came across at 11.30am for 200,000 leaflets over 7 different versions that all needed to be delivered to two addresses in Hull by the following afternoon, 4.30pm latest.

By 12.30 the PDF’s were approved, plates were running and paper was on its way to our centrally located factory, just off the M1 in Nottingham.

Having the flexibility of 24 hour working, we were able to print that evening and start to fold during the night.

By 9am on Thursday morning, file copies were all ready to go straight to the client for approval. We finished folding the last of the leaflets by 11.45am on the Thursday, just 24 hours after receiving the first phone call.

Being located in the centre of the country means we can get to most places pretty quickly and everything was delivered by 3pm on the Thursday, and we still had time to spare!!

We are now on the look out for our next challenge, if you have one for us then we would love to hear from you.